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Neil Patrick @ last night's Tony Awards
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The Hedwig And The Angry Inch Cast performs "Sugar Daddy."
Snagged from techgirl_on_ij
Click through to YouTube!!


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I cannot get over how he can dance and climb and jump in those shoes!! Not me...ever :)

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I did enjoy it thank you. :)

Always loved this show and NPH did a great job of this song. I have the DVD, the soundtrack and have seen it live with my boys twice in Sydney. Iota was Hedwig in our version and he was amazing too.

You guys are true fans and how amazing that you've seen it live...twice!!! I envy you :) Oh and I looked up Iota, from the photos I can see that he did an terrific job.

I saw the play a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by how great Harris was. I went in skeptical because I love the movie so much but oh my god, he was absolutely amazing. I want to see it again!

Are you even aware of how much I envy you? Do you even know? Still, I'm so glad you actually got to see him live and am especially glad he didn't disappoint.

I've never seen him host the Tonys or watched any of the TV shows he's been in, I didn't know he could sing - all I knew was that he had once played Doogie Houser (which I had never watched) and I was really skeptical. Imagine my shock, when I saw how he sang and totally owned the role. It was like going from dark of night expectation to full blown exploding rainbows. I'm clicking all my ruby colored slippers wishing you can somehow see him too one day.

All of which makes your experience even more memorable! Maybe one day they'll bring it, and him, to San Francisco. Hope springs eternal, yeah? And thank you for putting your collection of ruby colored slippers to work for me. I'm in your debt :)

So NPH is the dancer who is the "girl" or OMG!!!! Incredible.

M Lyn

Exactly!! He's playing transgender, a man who is now a woman.
From Wikipedia:
Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a rock musical about a fictional rock and roll band fronted by an East German transgender singer. The text is by John Cameron Mitchell, and the music and lyrics are by Stephen Trask

He's more of a guy (with an angry inch!) dressing as a girl. I get the same vibe as in the movie - drag queen by design and necessity and not from an urgent need to be a woman. He plays a part as a means to an end.

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