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365 Photography Project_4th_June Post

And so summer begins :)

June01_2014_Sunday_May readingJune01_2014_Sunday_crypto
Sunday June 1, 2014_May books and things_I include my kindle because held within is the book, Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, 900 plus pages of a weird kind of historical fiction that follows two families during two time-periods, WWII and the late 1990's. It is excellent!!! Still, my recommendation, should I choose to make one, would be At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill, which takes place in Ireland during 1916-17 just prior to the formation of the Irish Republican Army.
I'm including a little video that flashfly brought to my attention. Thank you again!!
From YouTube:
To coincide with the 10th anniversary of the publication of Jamie O'Neills Book, Earthfall are reviving their award-winning production of At Swim Two Boys for Autumn 2011. The story tells of the developing love between two teenage boys and, as the space slowly fills with water, the boys' relationship unfolds, they go into the sea to swim. Staged entirely in water, & set against the backdrop of the Easter Rising in Ireland, this tender & visually beautiful production previously toured to sell-out audiences in Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland & mainland Europe.

June13_2014_Friday_Getting LaurenJune13_2014_Friday_Getting Lauren_2
Friday June 13, 2014_Left photo_If you look closely into the building's mirrored window you can see my car's rear end sticking out just to the right of the bush. I'm on my way to get Lauren
          Right photo_Having arrived in Santa Cruz safely and having gotten the car all loaded up, we are about ready to make our way back home.

June22_2014_Sunday_Muji store & LaurenJune22_2014_Sunday_MujiJune22_2014_Sunday_lunch
Sunday June 22, 2014_Lauren and I went downtown San Jose. Our first stop was the Japanese store, Muji, that she loves especially for paper products. Then we ate lunch at Bijan, a bakery that also serves lunch, before finally arriving at the museum where we thoroughly enjoyed an hour-long tour of currently displayed photography by the head of the San Jose State University Art Department, (are you ready for this) Brian Taylor!!

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