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In May & June, I took some photographs of...

Jimmy's backyard garden!!!

June09_2014_Monday_Jimmy's gardenGlass_gems--original_1024x1024
Jimmy and his dad, Tim, made a raised bed and installed a drip system during winter break last December. Jimmy then planted his seeds in wee pots and took them back with him to UC Santa Cruz where he nursed them for a couple of months or so before bringing them back home to plant, as I recall, during spring break. The above photo is the garden's May appearance.
     The corn is called jewel corn and will look like the picture to the right that I snagged off of the internet. I found out about this particular corn about three years ago and sent Jimmy a link to their site, but because of demand, he didn't receive the seeds he had order for nearly two years. Timing them properly for planting, getting the raised bed done etc, took another year.
June_4 June_2
The following photos were taken a month after the establishment-shot photo above so, in June.
There are tufts so, YAY!!! In the second photo, I tried to capture the movement of the corn brought on a very nice breeze.
June_1 June_3
The sunflowers had aged quite a bit from May until June, which is a little sad because they looked their best while Jimmy was still at school. This is how they looked by the time he got home.
Marigolds, I think with a little flag.
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