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3 for 3 challenge_Day Three

Wherein you post 3 things per day for three days that you are thankful for.

Day One can be found here
Day Two can be found here

Day Three
Day Three is three technologies I'd rather not live without, which I suppose could put to a lie what I had said on Day One that I was going to keep this simple. Technology isn't simple, but these three technologies help me make my life simpler so, I include them here.

7_Like the slippers from Day Two, my Kindle Paperwhite was a Christmas gift, the one I petitioned for most strenuously throughout December. I have bad eyes, was one of those little kids that had to wear glasses from first grade on and so, I've always lived with the fear of the day when my eyesight would no longer be good enough for reading. I fear no longer!! I know for some reading off of a device like this is tiring but for me, it's perfection because I can set the background light, the font, its size and read in any kind of light, including sunlight. And it conveniently fits in my purse so, I really couldn't ask for much more then that, now could I?

8_My little Toshiba laptop, which connects me to all of you and to tumblr and to almost all of human knowledge it sometimes seems. With it I have written stories I never could have written longhand, I just don't have that kind of patience. It helps me organizes my life and so much more. What a wonderful tool my little computer is :)

9_Another Christmas gift, I've probably had this little point-&-shoot for five years now and with it, I have taken thousands of photographs. It came with me to Boston and New York where using it, in just three weeks, I took over 1,500 photos. With it, I have documented our lives and while mine, unlike this google image, shows its age, a great deal of the black has chipped away to silver, I hope to use it to take at least a few thousand photos more :)

Allllllll done!!!
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