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365 Photography Project_4th_July Post

And just a little late I am :)

Tuesday July 1, 2014_June media_a Tennessee Williams bio which was fascinating and just a little depressing; an entire book about the pivotal year of 1959; The Americans, the photography of Robert Frank; Moonwalking With Einstein, about a journalist's personal journey in the world of memory competition that I loved, and The Hotel on Place Vendome, the true story of Paris's Hotel Ritz during its WWII occupation, my bookclub recommendation which everyone enjoyed!!!
Wednesday July 2, 2014_My bookclub in my courtyard, the ladies, the table, we had such fun :)

July04_2014_Friday_before fireworks
Friday July 4, 2014_I couldn't get the fireworks themselves, but I did get the silhouette-like photo of people getting ready for the show.

July06_2014_Sunday_Oaakridge Mall_Dragon Tales II
Sunday July 6, 2014_Lauren and I went to see How to Train Your Dragon II, a terrific movie BTW, and since they no longer had a poster, I instead took a photo of the elevators up to the theaters.

July19_2014_Saturday_Cisco building's wind turbines
Saturday July 19, 2014_David, Lauren, and I went downtown to dinner and after, decided to wonder aimlessly about, passing by the Adobe Headquarters with its wind turbines whirling!!

426909_600July29_2014_Tuesday_jimmy's corn
Tuesday July 29, 2014_From last month, Jimmy's garden as a reminder because NOW he has the jewel-toned corn all picked and nicely placed in a wicker basket with, for whatever reason, sheet music.

July29_2014_Wednesday_art class
Wednesday July 30, 2014_Lauren and I have been doing a little art class Wednesday evenings, this evening a still life.

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