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Next Wednesday begins...

my sixth mission101 and, as part of that, I have a request!!
mission101_LJ A simple simple request.
icon camera_b&w Over the coming 12 months, I'm going to continue doing my monthly photography posts but with a change. Actually, more an addition.
camera I find I like taking photographs to prompts but as I am no longer participating in 100_snapshots, three lists, three hundred promtpts proved enough, I was wondering if maybe you guys could prompt me
286_camera I need only 20 to 25 prompts as I am only going to include 2 per month in my normal 'Thi is Our Life in Photographs' posts. I've got Lauren coming up with five and thought it might be fun if some LiveJournal friends provided the other 20 or so.
10a_artist stephmck If you do want to help me out, please think of words that are visual, artistic, my only limitation  I had a bitch of a time with some of 100_snaps words because they just too abstract.
143_t.hanks iconomicon I thank in advance anyone who helps me out :)

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