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365 Photography Project_4th_August & September Posts

I got a little behind here. Now I play catch up :)

August01_2014_Friday_July books
Friday August 1, 2014_July books & such_Not much to say here, Language as science, drawing in another age, and how practice, pratice, pratice, 10 thousand hours in ten years, can make a genius of anyone.
August11_2014_Monday_Giver Premiere
Monday August 11, 2014_Lauren and I went to an early showing of The Giver which was actually released the following Friday. The premiere, held in New York, was simultaneously broadcast, allowing for time-change, across the country. It was a very enjoyable experience.
Friday August 22, 2014_Flying to Toledo Ohio for two weeks to visit my mother-in-law, Lucy. Both of these were taken by Lauren, the first between San Jose and Dallas-Houston, the second between D-H and Detroit where anyone going to Toledo must land. Note please, how we got the same location and the same type of plane with Lauren both times on the window.
August27_2014_Wednesday_Gayle's squirrel and our car
Wednesday August 27, 2014_Lucy's tree housing a neighborhood squirrel, I like how he's looking right at me, and in the background our little rented red Mazda, a nice little car!
August27_2014_Wednesday_Lauren's grasshopper
Lauren's photo of what everyone kept calling locust, these critters, by the thousand, sang all night, but were nonetheless pretty cool looking.
August30_2014_Saturday_Lauren's laptop
Saturday August 30, 2014_Lauren's laptop battery died so we had a new one sent to her while we were in Ohio, which turned out to be a bitch to put in as it's located under the motherboard which is located under the keyboard and touchpad, all of which had to come out. She got ALL brave and did the operation herself while watching the only YouTube vid she could find. In German, naturally. On her second try, she was successful. And proud!!
August31_2014_Sunday_family outing
Sunday August 31, 2014_The next day we visited an Amish community, Shipshewana, that is jam packed with antique store in the downtown area. The Amish adults won't be photographed so, I didn't take any photos there. Only this one where the Amish, young or old, weren't.

September02_2014_Tuesday_Elba's neighborhood
Tuesday September 2, 2014_A typical Toledo neighborhood, Lucy's sister Elba's actually, which is impressive to me because of all the green. There's green just everywhere :) Lauren was walking Elba's dog, Able so, I took photos. What else :)
September14_2014_Ceasar Chavez Park
Sunday September 14, 2014_Lauren and I journeyed downtown San Jose for a show at the museum I'd been wanting to see. This is the water plaza, all kind of recycled water naturally, that's part of Ceasar Chavez Park where the museum is also located.
September14_2014_Sunday_Legacy exhibitionSeptember14_2014_downtown lunch
First the museum, then lunch.
Sunday September 21, 2014_David, Lauren, and I drove up to Ikea, which is in East Palo Alto, because Lauren needed a couple of things for her apartment at UC Santa Cruz that could only be gotten there. This year she shares a four bedroom apartment with three roommates. After Ikea we went downtown Palo Alto for delicious sliders before heading back home.
September22_2014_dollhouse salon
Monday September 22, 2014_From the back of a stylish salon with the unformtunate name of The Dollhouse, Lauren emerges, after getting her hair cut.
September24_Wednesday_Lauren made breakfast
Wednesday 24, September_2014_Lauren's version of the breakfast parfaits pictured in RealSimple magazine. Frickin' nom noim, man!!
September27_Saturday_2014_Lauren going backSeptember27_Saturday_2014_Lauren & Jimmy @ Building 12
Saturday September 27, 2014_David, Lauren, and I loaded up the my PT Cruiser and were off, back to Santa Cruz. This will be Lauren's last year (OMG OMG OMG) while Jimmy is taking five years, chemistry major...enough said. Behind them is a little corner of the apartment building where they will be residing for the next nine months.
Apparently I'm using the excuse of Lauren NOT being here to get some stuff done :)
(I miss you, baby)

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