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Friday just a week ago...

...Lauren and I went to IBM's Silicon Valley Lab. Also known, not surprisingly as SLV, the campus was designed back in the late 60's-early 70's out of shiny steel and bright colors and was placed, unintuatively, in the middle of farmland and cow fileds and rolling brown that are occassionally green hills. A beautiful contrast.

We went to have lunch with David AND to see his new with-a-view office and so, I took photos.
Who here among us is surprised?
There are four towers, in a cross formation, each with it's own color. In the background is the Red Tower first from ground level and next from the third story of the Teal Tower
Where dark teal and ligth teal intersect is David's new tower. Before he was in orange. Or was it blue?
September26_2014_Friday_IBM_David's office
And, leaving the best for last, the view from David's new office. He told us that when he arrived around 7:45am, this scene was full of mist. Nice if you can get it and, frankly, he's worked hard to get it so, way to go, David!!

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