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So, a couple of weeks ago this evening...

I joined my friends, Cindy and Elizabeth, at a House Concert being held at the home of one of my bookclub friends, Janelle, and her husband, Michael.

The singer/ guitarist, 25 year old San Franciscan, Megan Slankard, writes her own music plus covers the music of others, both of which she sings in a of kind blusey jazz.

The night included food and drink which Janelle served up beautifully, and much delightful entertainment.
September 28, 2014_Sunday_House Partyy_candellabraSeptember 28, 2014_Sunday_House Partyy_the feast
Introductions by Mike and performing
September 28, 2014_Sunday_House Partyy_introductionSeptember 28, 2014_Sunday_House Partyy_Megan_B
I'm keeping this one big because I like it!!
September 28, 2014_Sunday_House Partyy_Megan_C
Mike and Janelle's house backs up to a firestation_library complex. Janelle, thoughtfully, let the fire guys know that she and Mike would be doing a house concert, it did get pretty loud since Megan was all electrified, and seven or so of them, happily, decided to join us for a while. After 45 minutes or so, they did get a call and away they went in their, what I am sure was a, gleaming, red, truck. No alcholo was confumed by any of them.
September 28, 2014_Sunday_House Partyy_SJ Firefighters
We had such a terrific time and, if the jar at the front door was any indication, Megan did just fine for herself, also selling several CDs, including one to me :)

A little vid from YouTube, I chose this one because of all of the ones I checked out, this one reminded me the most of how she held herself with us, weirdly shy, a little nervous, intense,

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