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OMFG -- He's just so freakin' beee...u...ti...ful

Did I get your attention???
At all

Harry the movie...excellent

it appeared like the grown-ups liked it better then the kids (some of the kids)
but I think some of the kids just like to be negative because it makes them sound like they're smart
when all it really makes them sound is...negative

Friday --
Harry the midnight party...and the book

and no, I haven't started reading it yet
but soon -- as I can pry it from Lauren's grasp

Saturday --
Falling For sweet & funny

and, honestly, I'm not normally into romantic comedies
but they'e both so sweet & funny &...beee-u-ti-ful

Sunday --
boogie-boarding at Santa Cruz

and no, I didn't break anything or get sun-burned or whatever

I've had a good few days
and fuck if I didn't deserve them
the best was Saturday, just Lauren & me & San Francisco
&, oh yeah....Mr. Harold
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