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365 Photography Project_5th_October Post

With this entry I'm inititing my NEW! and hopefully IMPROVED!! idea of adding two Prompts photograohs AND one Affects photograph to the monthly mix and still trying to keep it to ten or less photos
Firstly_the This is Our Life photographs.
October01_2014_September reading
Wednesday October 1, 2014_September reading which consisted entirely of The Dragonback series by Timothy Zahn, which I've wanted to read ever since one night long ago, maybe 2010, when Lauren pretty much ran down for me the entire first book. The books are set in a far future and are about a young boy, Jack and the alien being he saves, Draycos, a K'da Warrior, who looks amazing like dragons from earth legends of old, and how together they help save Draycos's people from genecide.
          The cool thing and what really stuck with me is that Draycos and his people have a symbiotic relationship with a humanoid race so that the 'dragons' must live on the humanaoids bodies, as if almost body-sized tattoos, for several hours a day. Even though Jack isn't of that race, he and Draycos form the same bonding taking it even one step further by becoming telepathic.
October03_2014_Wednesday_Lecture on Robert HenriOctober06_2014_Monday_HalloweenA
Wednesday October 3, 2014_I took Cindy, in pink, to a luncheon lecture titled: Robert Henri's California Potraits: Realism, Race, and Region - 1914 -25, at our downtown Museum of Art. We had a terrific time and I hope to do this again soon.
               Friday October 31, 2014_A little portion of some of my favorite Halloween stuff, especially Lauren's little-girl artwork, and especially the vampire-y creature on the right.
Secondly_Two Prompt Words Photographs
Left and from Alex_Cozy_This is where youll find me most every evening beginning from about 10pm until lights out, curled up in my corner of the bed, with my reading material, be it book or kindle or magazine, with my chocolate, with my wine, and with my music, here represented by my iPod, whicvh would otherwise be plugged into its speakers on the other side of the room, all close at hand. The little drawing of the two dogs above and left was done by my father when he was very young.
        Right and from Lauren_Greasy, which is self-explanitory.
cozy_Alex greasy_Lauren
Third and finally_One Affects Photograph
Hopefully, you can tell that left is the original and right is the after which, while it may not look it, has at least five layers of added affects.flowers_experimental
Done is done!!

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