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The first month of my newest mission101_number Six

While I certainly won't bore you with all the details, those can be found here :) there are a couple of things, two projects completed, that I do want to post about.

The FIRST project, tasks #55 through 58, was a reorganizing of my drawings which, honestly, were scattered everywhere and so, I've pulled all 65 or so of them together in one portfolio and have cleaned, signed, and fixed them with Permant Fix so they will now stay safe and should there be an earthquake, I'll be able to grab them quickly :) Always thinking ahead.
The SECOND project, tasks #33 through 35, was going back to the beginning of my LiveJournal postings and running forward through the archives cleaning it up, eliminating around 15% of my postings, and, most importantly, copying into a word.doc any and all relevant-to-Lauren posts to add to her ongoing and forever journal.
          I'd started her journal before she was even born, in September of 1993, and continued until early 2003 when, for reasons I know longer know, I stopped and have only very recently begun writing to her again. That left a lot of empty time, early 2003 until late 2014, until it dawned on me that I have in fact captured much of our lives in my LiveJournal which I started in 2006 but didn't really do anything with until 2007.
          I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be able to go back and relive the past eight years, even the painful parts. Now all I need do is get all the pages printed, Office Max here I come!! and figure out a way to not stop writing to her. Also, the way I think about my LiveJournal now has changed. It's no longer just mine, it's also me communicating to Lauren, reminding her of who we now are. I just hope YouTube never goes away!!

Also, a TID-BIT. Task #90 is Project Happy Moments which I have snagged from fansee and a post she made here.
I changed it up a little so that at the end of each week, I write a small note, dropping it into a glass jar about a good thing that happend that week. The good thing could be finishing a project, having a really good conversation with Lauren, going out to dinner with David, or having coffe with my ladies. Just whatever. A gentle reminder!!
          My jar empty, with accurtemonts, and my jar with one month's of part way full.
88_Happy Moments88_Happy Moments_started

Done is done!

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