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One a reminder and two a cute!!
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From the Very Short List

From I Can Has Cheesburger
Someone has got the sneezes really bad :)


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That Ralph Waldo...he certainly had a way with words. He set the threshold for success both very low (who hasn't planted a garden and/or raised a healthy child) and very high (redeemed a social condition or [even mostly] found the best in others?).

That poor kitten! Awww.

Thanks for both. FanSee

P.S. Did you have rain?

Edited at 2014-12-04 04:48 pm (UTC)

He does have a way with words, but what I like is how, to him, planting a garden or redeeming a social condition are both equally successful.

Much rain, for the better part of four days and yet, they say it does little to relieve the drought. We'd need ten more just like the ones we've had to matter. Still, I can't help but believe whatever we can get must make the situation better. How about you? Any snow yet?

What wonderful words.

Love the kitty. :D

I agree
and I agree :)

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