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Paying It Forward_two minutes about the power of memes
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I gotta say, I love how we can post directly from YouTube now without having to copy/paste links or embed anything or whatever. So much easiler and spur of the moment :)


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First you click the like button, the thumbs-up icon, which will cause a row of icons for various sites to appear beneath. The LJ icon is the second in from the right, our little pencil logo. Click it and that will open a little box that is our journal where you can do all those things you normally would do, add a title, mood icon, music, but with the vid already embedded. Hit the post button and done is done :)

Does that help?

I was just going to ask how you do that but I see in comments you have already done that. :)

You find it works so well. I'm glad they finally included us!!

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