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Normally, I put all my cute and/or beautiful animal and/or natural photos...
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...at the top of my journal so I get to go 'awwww' or 'oooo' everytime I vist, but with this one, I needed to share it more obviously. I mean, seriously, how gorgeous is this creature in its environment?!!?


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The perfect 'pose' and the perfect setting :)

I agree. The photographer must have been very pleased!!

That really is beautiful. :)

I'm sure the photographer must have waited so patiently for the rabbit to finally settle himself into such a perfect 'pose'. I have no such patience :)

that bunny is definitely posing. gotta love a bunny who knows how to pose

Got to is right!! Beautiful little creature :)

(Deleted comment)
Very gorgeous, I just want to give him/her a huge cuddle. :)

I know what you mean :)

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