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365 Photography Project_5th_December Post

December01_2014_Monday_November readingDecember01_2014_Howard's End by e m forsterDecember01_2014_selfish and perverse by bob smith
Monday December 1, 2014_Media_Great Courses's DVD The Art of Storytelling is about just that, how to make any story worth telling more interesting to the listener whether they be co-workers or a paid audience. In learning about how to tell a story well, I also learned a little more about what makes a good story in the first place.
I read a lot in November including science fiction: Childhood's End by Authur C. Clark, a classic_autobiograohy: American On Purpose by Craig Ferguson which is  honestly and humerously told_Art: Keys to Drawing and the Sketching and Drawing Bible both of which reminded me that no matter how much you think you know, there's still more to learn_Novels: Howard's End by E M Forester and Dandoline Wine by Ray Bradbury, two very different stories of times past. I had read Dandoline Wine as a kid and had often thought to reread it. Now I have and it has beautifully withstood the test of time.
December13_2014_Saturday_wrapping stationDecember15_2014_Monday_my view
Saturday December 13, 2014_A friend had turned me on to a site called 101 Days to Christmas, with a name like that, how could I resist, and one day's advice was to set up a wrapping center. This would be our version of that :)
          Monday Decemver 15, 2014_My view from the sofa in the evenings. Not shown: The TV which is, not unreasonably, to the left of the tree, David who is, also not unreasonably, to the left of me on the sofa, and my laptop which is, again not unreasonably, on my lap.
Saturday December 19, 2014_Prezzies for my ladies ready to go, I'd purchased antique ornaments sticking within the $8 MAX price limit. And delivered to, from left to right, Susan, Elizabeth, Cindy, and Barbara.
December22_2014_Monday_foggy morningDecember26_2014_Friday_making dinner
Monday December 22, 2014_A foggy morning while getting the newspaper.
       Friday December 26, 2014_David and Lauren make our dinner_baked pork chops, roasted sweet potato medallions, and fried plaintins.

Saturday December 27, 2014_Below are photos of Lauren and my trip downtown San Jose.
First, we went to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles for an Amish exhibition. The close up is NOT Amish.
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt MuseumDecember27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_Egyptian
Then, we lunched at Bijan Bakery, before heading over to the San Jose Museum of Art, stopping briefly at the still-in-operation ice skating rink in the museum's plaza.
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt lunchDecember27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum skating rink
We saw three exhibitions_Momentum, Post-Portraits, Robert Henri_with two examples of paintings plus a wedding drive-by below.
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_ADecember27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_B
December27_2014_Saturday_Quilt Museum_wedding

A busy and happy month!!!
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