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They're an actual couple!! You go, Tiffany!!
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Love this ad! And now I have enormous admiration for Tiffany & Co. ♥

You go, Tiffany definitely!!!

That ad makes me all happy!

Right? And just now, we need something to make us happy.

BTW I love your icon!

(Deleted comment)
I actually saw it mentioned on the evening news. It does show a positive attitude change, which is always good, not to mention that it's just a really nice looking ad.

(Deleted comment)
I know, right? And a very nicely put together ad as well.

What a beautiful ad!
Did you see this in print in a current magazine?
Love knowing they are actually a real couple, very sweet.

It is beautiful! Glad you like it!! Was pretty sure you would :)

Neither. I saw a story about the ad on the national news on Sunday, sort of a sign-of-the-changing-times kind of story, which is where it was mentioned that they were an actual couple. Impressed, I then, searched out the image on google for posting.

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