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It's montages like this, done for the creators project by Russian video editor, Max Shishkin...
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...that make me glad, despite everything that's going on, that I'm alive at this exact time.

With music by Hanz Zimmer, who I adore, and with the words of Dylan Thomas's Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night perfectly spoken by Anthony Hopkins, I think this three and one half minute tribute to 46 years of space movies is brilliant.

Oh, also, I sent this vid to Lauren and this is what she had to say
"Well, that was beautiful. Made me want go explore space!"
I couldn't agree more :)

Should you watch, I hope you enjoy.

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Lovely. I really enjoyed it. Loved movies and space.

Didn't recognize all of the scenes, though.

fab ms. M

I'm so glad you did. Like you, I didn't recognize all the scenes but it was all just put together so well. Happy you agree!

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