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365 Photography Project_5th_January Post

Quiet month, short post. It's all good.

January01_2015_Thursday_new years
Thursday January 1, 2015_Every year I try and take a semi-decent photo of the Times Square celebration off the TV to use as my kick-off of the new year photos. This year is no exception.
January01_2015_Thursday_January readingJanuary01_2015_January reading_11-22-63
Friday January 2, 2015_December media_The Great Courses classic, Building Better Sentences for like the third time, Bertrand Russell's view on his atheism which, as this book's essays written over his lifetime attest  do drift and change over time.
For my bookclub, we read Stephen's King's 11/22/63 about a time-traveler who goes back into the past to prevent the assassination of John Kennedy. The book, for me, was marvekous, simply written with a intriguing and fairly complex plot. I'd never read King before, other than his writing book, and now I want to.
January-2_2015_Friday_yogurt in Willow Glen
Also, Friday Janaury 2, 2015_Lauren and I went to our favorite yogurt place in Willow Glen, after first visiting our favorite antique store right down the street, Yogurt Cove where we had yummmms, mine on the left, Lauren's on the right.
If you visit the link I provided, when you see the photo of the table right next to the window, that's where we always sit. Right next to the window so we can watch the world go by.
January17_2015_Saturday_christmas fox from Lauren
Saturday January 17, 2015_When Lauren was home at Christmas, because she had just come off the thrill of finals, she hadn't done, and wasn't much in the mood to do, any shopping. So, after Christmas, she went online and ordered a couple of beautiful things for me, this silver fox ornament being a favorite and which arrived just in time for her next weekend visit home.
January25_2015_Sunday_completed 2014 Christmas annotation
Sunday January 25, 2015_I'm making Lauren a little book of all our Christmas ornaments so, when the time comes, she can choose which to keep and which not to keep with some knowledge as to their worth. To me anyway. I had taken a bunch of photos, had put them into an album, but hadn't annotated them. One of my mission101 projects is now complete. For this year anyhow :)

Done is done until it isn't anymore :)
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