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365 Photography Project_5th_February Post

February01_2015_Sunday_January media
Sunday February 1, 2015_January media_I've decided to rewatch QAF straight through from the beginning, something I've never done. An escapist move? Perhaps, but still, a lot of fun.
          I've also decided to reread the whole Ender's Game-verse, both the Ender quintet and the Shadow however many. It's a case of love the art if not the artist. I started, at Lauren's reccomendation with First Meetings, four short stories that are like longish gap-fillers.
February23_2015_Monday_garage guyFebruary23_2015_Monday_circuit board
Monday February 23, 2015_Our garage door went bad so, we called Arrow and the lovely owner came out and made everything alright. This circuit board turned out to be the culprit and was replaced.
February22_2015_Sunday_BeforeFebruary25_2015_Wednesday_the pile
Tuesday February 24, 2015_This mess, on the left, is but one small part of our parking strip and from which I was able to remove the pile of yard waste on the right. The city picks up such waste, mulching it, and using that for the parks and such around here. The pile in the background is mine as well :)
Thursday February 26, 2015_Prettier! At least for now.



Mar. 9th, 2015 03:10 am (UTC)
It's interesting to rewatch QAF with different goals each time.

My first time was just to see the story line, filming of show. CAught up in seeing gay men whose lives in some ways paralled mine because one had a comic book collection like my best friend did, one was neglected by an aloof mother, had a violent father, was sexualized at an early age, another settled from waht he got from a best friend cause he couldn't have him himself, lived in a cold war home war zone most of his growing up years, got out, made something of himself, but still had the idea he wasn't good for anything but sex to others until he began to let go of the past, or tried. Maybe that was in the fan fiction, not the canon. Dont' know for sure.

Second was to watch Brian, his body, analyze how show was filmed using the way I was taught in film school, also used it to draw from for art school

Third watch for how he cruised other men, his reactions and interactions other characters, esp, Justin, while I read fan fiction and studied human sexual development and gay sexual information online
treatment of gays in life and

followed Advocate and Out for three months in late 2003 and watched how the political climate changed and how it affected the show at the same time going into the fourth season so it wasn't a big surprise when the show changed, just a disappointment to me.. 13 episodes wasn't enough time to develop characters the way they had in the early years.

Fourth -- Ted and Emmett's interactions with Brian

Fifth, the character's family dynamics with Brian and Brian's with his own family and his own

Sixth did the rerun with whoever did it Stephmck, I think or someone else

So, I've seen it many times all the way through. The first three years are the most interesting to me.

However there are some really brilliant episodes in the last two seasons, especially the Ted's being absolved, at the baths, of Michael's being injured in Babylon's explosion.

The irony of Ted's moving the money from one place to another in order to save Brian's company and then being hired by Brian as his bookkeeper/accountant. The most sexual/01non sexual post coital scene after Ted moves the money and Brian wants to hire Ted.

Keeping Emmett at Babylon by dancing with him and not letting Emmett go down with Ted into his meth downward spiral. Very powerful scene.

Edited at 2015-03-09 03:17 am (UTC)

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