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This is pretty cool_From The Verge
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Google Maps now lets you turn any location into a game of Pac-Man

Your neighborhood just got a lot more interesting. Google has released a new feature for Maps that lets you turn any location into a game of Pac-Man — all you have to do is click the new Pac-Man button that resides in the lower left corner of the screen. When you do, whatever section of the world you're looking at will transform into the pixelated arcade classic, complete with four colorful ghosts and the iconic music.


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Hehe, I saw this earlier. Looks like a lot of fun, though I never really played Pac Man.

Me neither but, still fun :)

Pac-Man Map! My life is now complete! Great idea.

Have fun with it. I'm sure I will :)

I hope its still accessible after April 1st!

Also, I wish you could zoom out a bit and get more of the neighborhood. When I tried it the blocks in this area are so big and the scale it worked at so small that the best you could do typically was get something including one intersection such as is pictured in your post. /:

It is!!!

My problem is that I never really played Pac-Man. And you're right, it is tight, but I think with a little playtime, it'll be fun :)

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