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The Grapes of Love In Chile
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From these fine people

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I snagged this with the above result. I guess I better start doing some serious research on Chile :)
Let me know what your Great not-necessairly-American novel will be named!!


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A Clockwork Anxiety or Ardor? For some reason that's so beautifully random I actually like it. *laughs*

Yours did come out very cool. I'm glad you're pleased.

As FanSee: A Visit from the Meridian of the Spirits.

As RL me: The Inheritance of Death, Part 2.

I think those Part 2s are a cop-out. Get creative, list-preparer.

I'm going with FanSee's title. Now I have to write the book. FanSee

Yet the Inheritance of Death...part is kind of cool although I agree A Visit from the Meridian of the Spirits is better. With your RL name, what would you have gotten if you used your maiden name instead?

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