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365 Photography Project_5th_April Post

Wednesday April 1, 2015_March media_I finished the rest of the Ender books, sucking them down quickly. Complex and amazing story despite my major problems with their author. Happily rewatched the third season of QAF.which ends ever so wonderfully. And watched another Great Courses lecture series, Myth, Half-Truths of Language Usage, done by the same professor, John McWhorter from Columbia University, as two other language courses I've watched throught them. Very informative and entertaining.
          Friday April 10, 2015_After coffee with Cindy and Elizabeth, we all went to Westfield Vaalley Fair so Cindy could find a dress for a bridal shower tea she was attending. In the middle of the mall was a swarm of people all in pink who were whooping and hollering it up :) I took the shot at this odd angle because I wanted to include the Swarovski tower of crystals and the huge screen above the pink kiosk around which all these fine folk coalesed.

Thursday April 23, 2015_In February I bought myself a new camera, a Canon SX700HS, and promptly forgot about it mainly since my other camera still, if barely, works. This month I decided that this just wasn't an exceptable situation so, I downloaded their manual, all 198 actual in English pages of it, and spent three days learning its capabilities. I took so many shots of my keyboard and livingroom testing different features. I decided to use this one, with the manual on the screen, to note my accomplishment because I think it's so pretty.

Tuesday April 28, 2015_For no particular reason on my part, I journeyed with Cindy to Lowes, a fairly new Lowes, which is large and bright and so, since I got bored, I took photos!! Notice how in the first one, you can't really see where the isle ends. It just seems to go on forever and ever. Because it does.The second underscores how summer is here :)

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