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From Daily Kos_Best Photo on the internet today
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'A rainbow over Dublin. Proof that nature has a sense of humor.'


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Agrees wholeheartedly :)

Actually, it's Ireland. Rainbows every day. It would be
odd if they didn't have them.

One day I saw a quadruple rainbow while waiting for the bus.

I've never been although I'd love to visit Ireland. I can't even imagine a quadruple rainbow!!! Hope you got a photo. Still, even if they are common, the idea of the rainbow pleases me :)

Well, rainbows over Dublin are quite the common occurrence :D

So if you think about it, it was just fate! It had to happen :)

It was fate, you're right! It had to happen :)

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I love the idea of that, rainbows all over Ireland. Nature celebrates!!

I agree. Nature telling it the way it is :)

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