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365 Photography Project_5th_September Post

Tuesday September 1, 2015_Not much reading for August, my bookclub book, The Secret Keeper, a mystery that I enjoyed even though I'm not much inclined toward mysteries and The Folding Star which I also liked very much.

Monday September 7, 2015_This is Baby, a long-hair chihuahua that, along with two short-hair chihuahuas, Lauren dog sits with. I may have mentioned them before but I rather like this photo of Baby, who has unfortunately recently gone deaf. Still, the sweetest dog who defends his home from any and all four legged cretures who dare to show themselves on TV by bark...bark...barking!

Wednesday September 9, 2015_These two english collies, Anna on the left and Gracie on the right, I mainly take care of which entails feeding and walking them when mom's away, but no overnights. They are well-behaved and I get the best compliments from people walking or jogging by to which I always just say 'Yes, they are lovely, aren't they?'

Thursday September 24, 2015_On our way to the show Covert Operations at the San Jose Museum of Art, Lauren and I passed by the Adobe Building so I took the photo on the left. I like how you can just see the stain glass on the inside.

We went on a Thursday because that's the day the museum offers Gallery-Talks, in this case given by the curator of the show, the woman  to the right of the woman talking. Short haired Lauren is in blue to my left. A decent sized crownd attended the talk which always makes these events more lively.

As the name implies, the show contains artworks in various mediums but with a heavy use of video and film, done by an international group of artists, American, German, Egyptian and so on, depicting various forms of covert operations. I'll only mention two.
          The wall on the right has silk-screened on it the names of American Covert Military Operations that the artist found just by searching military job sites. The wall covers somehting like 'G' through 'P'.
          The bell on the left is connected to a small wall-mounted computer that accesses a particular website, inside Iraq but outside the government, that daily collects the stats of civilian dead in that country and, starting at the top of the hour, the bell begins to toll once for each dead that day. While we were there it tolled for 15 minutes, BONG pause pause pause BONG pause pause paause BONG and so on. Apparently, that's pretty good because some days, the curator told us, the tolling doesn't stop, that the number of civilian dead in Iraq exceeds the hour and the bell just keeps on going.

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