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Do you wanna know what happens when I get bored?

My friend Lyn and I decide to take the kids,
mine is Lauren (13) and hers is Michaela (14), to

San Francisco
because despite all the rumors to the contrary,
San Francisco really is a better place to be bored in

no, really, it is.

So, once there,
we decide to go to

the Castro
to get our hair done because...well, because I was bored and because
where else would two straight women take their two young impressionable daughters then

the Castro?
I only had to actually cover Lauren's eyes once
to protect her innocence from a store window display.
I mean, come on, what do people do with dildos that big...huh?
Although, she did find the martini-paraphernalia store next door meta-fascinating.

And so...
I now have burgundy (NOT purple) chunky highlights in front and
I now have a caramel (NOT goldie-brown) under-layer in back.
And, for visualization purposes only, my hair is seriously blond.

Lauren now has very fine blond highlights woven all throughout her soft brown hair.
(It's very pretty but don't let her know I said that)

Lyn and Michaela actually decided on manicures and pedicures instead.
Lyn did  the french thing and Michaela did a pretty sparkly blue thing.

The rest of the day was equally as good.
We visited the HRC store (in the Castro),
went to the Rain Forest Cafe (not in the Castro) and
I didn't even get a headache from the salon.

When we got home, when I looked in the mirror,
when I really looked in the mirror I was like OMFG
this is permanent,
this has to grow out.

I'm okay with it now.

And no, there won't be any pics forthcoming, trust me on this.

all photos were found through google images.
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