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I find this pretty useful information
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What other ideas do you have?


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Throw out hand sanitizers, those disposable wipes and anything labled "anti-bacterial". We're making ourselves sicker with our fanaticism about avoiding germs than with anything else.

I agree completely. I never have or will buy those hand sanitizes.

Very informative. Thanks for posting this vid.

I've never used those hand sanitizers, but I do use the disposable wipes while caring for my disabled husband. Can you guys tell me what the dangers are with them? Any suggestions for an alternative?

Read this, its information may help.

For me, the superbug problem is my main objection. Since you are helping your husband, a different sort of situation, more medical than merely germaphobic, you just need to be careful which I'm sure you are.

Great article. Thank you. I didn't realize half that stuff.

Me either. I couldn't believe an article I read on the news, that little children were getting intoxicated from them, drinking them because they smell like strawberries or whatever. What are parents doing, packing off their kids with hand sanitizer? Did the plague break out and I'm not aware of it? Geeze! The world has gone nuts in so many ways.

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