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Stop me if you've heard this before

So, did I ever tell you the one about my fish?
No? Wellll...
when my daughter's 8th grade science class
came to an end due to summer
all the guppies were dispersed among those who wanted them.
            Lauren came home with a bag of water which contained two guppies,
one smaller and  one larger,
and a bunch of little specks.
Within days of settling them into their new little aquarium,
we had two guppies and 50 to 60 snails.
So pretty.

We named them, the guppies that is, Nino&Nunzio, just 'cause.
The snails, who remained (and have remained) nameless,have ebbed and flowed with
the tides, the phases of the moon, something vaguely unknown...
one minute we have many and the next we, seemingly, have none.

One day Nino? Nunzio? went missing, the smaller one was just gone and
Lauren calmly informed me that she thought the large one ate him, well...huh?
She thinks she remembers hearing that guppies eat their dead.
So very pretty.

The large one became nameless and lived alone
seemingly unaware of his partner's demise,
alone with his snails, ebbing and flowing all around him.
That was until we got him

a betta

We still didn't name them because nothing seemed right. They just were until...
one day Lauren and I were watching them and she inquired,
"have you ever noticed how protective the betta is of the guppy?
Actually, I had but hadn't thought much about it. I looked at her and we smiled.
She looked at the betta and noted, "actually, he does look like he's wearing Armani."
"So, the betta's bigger and dark and wearing Armani while
the guppy is smaller and paler and wearing what? diesel?" I added.

So yeah...they became Brian&Justin.
So very very pretty.

See? I do so still post about them, I just can't seem to write about them lately and
no...I don't know what that's all about.

My sad mood icon is because school starts no no, I don't want her to go.    
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