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Photography Project_6th_December Post

Saturday December 5, 2015_Again this year, Susan held her annual Christmas party at her house. And again, there was an exchange of prezzies, much good conversation and lovely food!!!! May it ever be the same :)

Thursday December 17, 2015_I was scanning through photos looking for a particular one, that I never did find actually, bit I did find the one on the left dated February 2011 and realized how different it would look now if I were, which I did, take a photo of the same drawer. I have made it, over the course of four years, half-way through books mainly bought on a whim.

Monday December 21, 2015_On the left a friend's presimmon tree that I think looks cool with fat fruit and no leaves. On the right is a Christmas gift, the darling character from the Little Prince book that Lauren got for me.

Saturday December 26, 2015_Lauren and Jimmy spent two half-days making their gingerbread houses, Lauren's on the left and Jimmy's on the right.

And 2015 is done.
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