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A Four-Part Post 'cause I'm just organized that way

ONE: First & foremost...thank you!!
The most beautiful bracelet & the most beautiful chocker, I described in some detail a few posts back, have arrived from plumsuede,
Beautifully packeged, beautifully made.
Just beautifully done everything.
With Christmas_Kwanzaa_Hanukkah not all that far off, well....
I see prezzies for friends in RiskyBeads' future

I iz most v v happy.

TWO: Amazing & just a little scary
Of special interest to the icon_banner makers amongst us I would think.

My husband emailed me this link to a video demonstrating some seriously sophisticated image-scaling and other image manipulating possibilities.
David's job title is visual design engineer so he was just totally wowed by those possibilities.
After viewing, I emailed him back noting how it was both amazing and kind of scary.
He later admitted to not even seeing the scary part initially, due to the whole wow-factor, but how I was right.
What do yo think?

Three: I have had these lyrics....
Rebel soul, deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the sword
Now these towns, they all know our names
Six gun sound is our claim to fame
I can hear 'em say
Bad company, and I won't deny
Bad, bad company
'Til the day I die
                            by Bad Company

....stuck in my head since Sunday
I mean sure, there are worse songs and I'm not entirely understanding the significance BUT
I'm starting to get annoyed...I really am. (I don't even have it on iTunes)

and finally Four: I changed my layout to NON-Brian&Justin
(an easy-to-use Expressions layout I like)
yeah, I know WTF
what was I thinking...right?
I 'm sure it won't last.
I just needed a change...okay?
'Leave me alone'... quote my daughter whenever she does something I don't understand and I, stupidly, ask, you know...why?

badbadpixie, should you happen to read this, I wouldn't say no to some help making it, at least a little, B/J forever.

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