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Astronomy Picture of the Day_A Five Planet Dawn
icon science_NASA
From: NASA site
Image Credit & Copyright: Jose Antonio Hervás
Please note that the photo was taken from Ibiza, Spain which, if you are (or were) a part of the QAF fandome, is meaningful :)
Also, the image can by clicked upon to make it much larger in case you actually want to see Mercury.

'Explanation: As January closes and in the coming days of February, early morning risers can spot the five naked-eye planets before dawn. Though some might claim to see six planets, in this seaside panoramic view all five celestial wanderers were found above the horizon along with a bright waning gibbous Moon on January 27. Nearly aligned along the plane of the ecliptic, but not along a line with the Sun, the five planets are spread well over 100 degrees across the sky. Just arriving on the predawn scene, fleeting Mercury stands above the southeastern horizon in the golden light of the approaching sunrise.'

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I'd so hoped to see that since I'm awake at that hour. But, as usual when something interesting happens in the sky, here be clouds.

There be clouds or trees or big hills or some other obsticle blocking at least some of the five. I hope before it's all gone, your sky clears and your are able to see them :)

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