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Snagged from the Daily KOS_RIP Prince: A World Lite Up In Purple
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Rotation of musical note When I heard Prine had died I was, like many, saddened, a little shocked, a little dismayed, he was afterall too young. But I didn't get teary-eyed. It was when I looked through these lovely photos from across America plus Paris, plus space, all celebrating his life in purple light that, yeah, I got moree than a lttle teary-eyed. Funny how that happens sometimes.

Also, if you scroll down to the post's comments, someone included President Obama's reflections on Prince's life.

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I made it to NASA's purple nebula before I broke down. I can't believe he's gone.

Yup, me too. I've seen an expanded version which includes other parts of the world like Austrlia. Glad of it :)

A World of Purple

I knew nothing about Prince except I used a photo of him in a collage I did years ago in the center. I thought it was a woman until someone told me he was Prince. Later, I studied adrongeny and found masculine and feminine have wide ranges in appearance.

Rest in peace creative soul.


Re: A World of Purple

Nice to see you!!

I was into Prince for a time during the 80s but not big time. Still, he had a lasting impact on music and gender representation, I'm pretty much into adrongeny but have never taken the time to study it, and it's a loss he's gone. Rest in peace for sure :)

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