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Zooming in on Star Cluster Terzan 5
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It is astonishing to me how zooming in just keeps going and going. Space is incredible!!

Taken from here at Hubble Space Telescope
This sequence takes the viewer from a wide view of the Milky Way to the central regions, where many bright star forming regions and star clusters can be seen. The final view is a close-up of the sky around the star cluster Terzan 5 taken with Hubble, the Very Large Telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory and the Keck Telescope.

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At the first International Marbling Conference in the 90's it was found that if you zoomed in and kept on zooming in on the molecules of one of the marbled pieces, the structure never changed. the colors did, but the structure never did. Looked like a kaleidoscope.


M Lyn

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