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Quotes I like from two women

This first quote speaks well to my participation in mission101, for me a project organizer without which many of the projects I have accomplished never would have been completed.

Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun.
Christina Rossetti_Poet_1830-1894


The question is whether or not you choose to disturb the world around you, or if you choose to let it go on as if you had never arrived.
Ann Patchett_Writer_1963 to current

At the moment, and into the forseeble future, I choose to disturb the world around me, not to just let it go on by as if I wasn't even here.
     The Trump effect cannot be allowed to represent who we are as Americans and the only way to mitigate its effect is for us to fight back. We accept the ugliness Trump's movement represents as the new normal and we are as much a part of the problem as those committing acts of hate in Trump's name.

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