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Little prezzies for six of my friends from me, my dad, and Aaron

Little story, okay?

When young, I did the normal hippie-ish stuff like macrame plant hangers and design 'love beads' and, more to the point of this post, I arranged pressed flowers in picture frames. In fact, when I inherited my parents' possessions, one was an oval arrangement I'd made when I was 18 that they'd actually kept. It now hangs quite nicely in our master bedroom.

To encourage me in this pursuit, my dad spent close to four years, from 1972 to 1976, collecting and pressing flowers, stems, and leaves of every sort, giving me this amazingly thoughtful present for Christmas probably in 1976. I know the dates because leaves were pressed in newspapers, one declaring Diane Feinstein the first mayor of San Francisco, and delicate flowers in dated medicine bottle, one for me from October 1972 when I would have been 18. Everywhere I have lived, this little flower & leaf kit has traveled with me but, sadly, I never did anything with all the beautiful bits of nature dad had given me.

Until now. On my mission101 I included the task of using his present to me to make presents for several close friends, ladies from my bookclub and from my coffee klatch, six in total. My deadline was Sunday December the 3rd because that was when the coffee klatch ladies would be gathering for our severl-years-running Christmas Breakfast at Susan's. Gifts are exchanged with the one restriction being that the gifts must be no more than $8 each. I bought little 6in by 6in frames for around just that. Otherwise, Aaron and I made two each which were very well received and which I forgot to photograph.

But I still have the two that I will give to my bookclub ladies in January. Kinda cute, yeah? I just love how all three generations were involved, dad, me, Aaron. And isn't it amazing how beautiful these materials still are given that they are around 40 years old!

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