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For a couple of summers a while back, Aaron & I got all into puzzles...
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...doing them became a thing.

And so, as a present for him for Christmas last year, I got us a puzzle which we just now finished putting together.

The especially cool thing about this puzzle is, while it may look pretty boring, it is in fact our neighborhood with Aaron pointing at our very own little house amongst the slew of others. North of our house is our local mall, Princeton Plaza and just a couple of blocks south, though hard to see, a river does run through it, the Guadalupe. It's the suburbs, baby!!
        This year, it now having become tradition, I got Aaron another, a puzzle,from uncommonGoods featuring any past front page of the New York Times. He chose, good democrat that he is, November 7, 2012, the headline being when Barack Obama was reelected. It's on its way to the above-referenced house even as we speak. Should we eventually get it done, I will post a pic :)


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Very cool puzzle. I'd love to try one, but I think it would be impossible with the cats sitting on it...

Our problem wasn't cats, which would be much more fun, but space, a problem we finally solved using the little board underneath the puzzle. Cats would be much more fun!

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