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The story of a Christian guy, my daughter and our day at the mall

You know that theory that if you give enough monkeys typewriters and enough time, eventually one of them will write Shakespeare? or something. Well, that's the theory I'm working under.

I figure if I just keep writing eventually something Brian_Justin will, almost as if by accident really, just coming flowing through my fingertips, over my keyboard and into my computer...could happen.

So forgive me if I just tell other little stories for a while.

A couple of months ago,
Lauren and I went to our local mall for no other reason then because we could,
our newly renovated and finally made viable mall.

It's one of those brought to us by

the lovely British??? company that seems intent, at least from my experience,
on buying, renovating and making viable malls all across the US
and some foreign counties as well.
They currently own the three largest in San Jose.

World domination through shopping.

My fervent wish is that they buy all of downtown
but that's probably a retail challenge even they can't confront.

as we wandered aimlessly, we heard music far-off and unfamiliar,
even newly renovated this is not a mall that normally brings us live music
so we lemminged our way toward it...curious.
They'd set the piano-playing guy up in the atrium in front of Macys to nice effect
beautiful grand piano, flowers, chairs for listeners...
the whole freakin' enchilada.

So we listened for awhile, the music sounding familiar after all but I wasn't sure why.
When I spotted the neatly displayed *Table for the Purchasing of CDs* we continued our wandering.
He had several CDs for purchase and
I'm going through them being amazed that all the tracks are covers of rock&roll songs. I know why so familiar.

Lauren came close and whispered, "mama, we can't buy his music." I looked at her like 'why?'
She continued, "he's Christian, we can't buy his music." and she pointed to a sign that he had prominently displayed on that very table informing anyone and everyone who bothered it read it, of that very fact.
And that part of the proceeds would go to fund Christian causes.

I realized I just may have gone a little too far.
I tried to explain, holding one of the CDs inches from her face. telling her, "Lauren, honey, you don't NOT buy someone's music just because they're Christian or...whatever. That would be wrong. Would you think it's right if someone didn't buy your music or your painting just because you're NOT Christian?
if the music's good or the art then who cares."

She explained as to a small child
"Our money" (our money?) "will go to fund Christian causes...Christian causes, mom."
Pretty much summed it all up for her,
ideas, vaguely ill-defined, about causes the point of which are to
make her so she has to pray in school and other school-related stuff
and about them not wanting to allow gays to marry and a lot of other stuff about gay-guys
and about them wanting her to believe all the answers can be found in just one book
and who knows what else
(Well, I would but...)

I realized that with religions, in general and with Christianity, in particular
-- I mean they are, after all, the dominate God-force where ever I've ever lived --
I'd pretty much been presenting them as the glass-half-empty.
In other words just teaching her the things her dad and I don't like,
what we feel is wrong.

Not what's right.

Maybe a little of the glass-half-full flip-side wouldn't hurt.

There's a whole other side to this too,
the nice yet very fundamentalist Christian mom, of one of her best friends, who didn't help matters much.

This is not just my doing.

But that''s not much of what I did that day, work form the glass-half-full flip-side.
I continued to hold the CD in front of her and said,
"he only does instrumental music, he's not gonna be preaching at us because he only does piano music, no lyrics.
This is a whole CD of Metallica music, Lauren...Metallica for god's sake.
(frankly, I wasn't that much into Metallica but so not-the-point)
Look at the one you've got...he does Nirvana and Guns 'n Roses and Led Zeppelin, that's just so cool."

She acquiesced, she sometimes does.
She plays 'her's' constantly while the Metallica one lives in the car.
(and somewhere we are, in some small way, funding some unknown Christian cause.)
It happens.
And, it's all good...I imagine.

And this is just one story
of how large foreign companies are buying up America bit by bit
and we mostly seem just fine with that,
of how Christian piano-playing rock&rollers can make money, for causes and profit, working in malls
and of how little kids can get the wrong ideas sometimes
even when we teach them what we believe in the best way we know how.

They're very black&white
'cause isn't it really just easier being that way.
Maybe but it's not right IMO so there will be a little more glass-half-full in her future.

I'm sure there are tons of other similar stories out there just waiting to be written.

Oh, and the guy is Scott D. Davis and you can find him on iTunes, otherwise, I know nothing about him...
except, you know, that he's Christian.
My favorite Metallica cover is 'Nothing Else Matters'.

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