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So, I wake up too early this morning, 6am-ish, and having nothing better to do, started flipping through ideas in my mind. One thing we've been trying to do is bring a few more layers to the holidays and although this year we have done that pretty well, I rrealized that something was still missing...movies.

During my kidhood, we always watched 'Christmas' movies which meant anything from It's A Womderful Life to The Wizard of and realizing that we aren't, mainly probably because we don't own any having just Rise of the Guardians, which I love, and Patrick Stewart's A Christmas Carol, I decided that we should get us some.
The question became, by 6:15am, how to remedy this, how to get us some more. Well, buy some, right? I decided to add A White Christmas and then thought it might be nice, and inclusive, to see what David and Aaron would like to add. Satisfied, I went on to other pressing ideas and problems until it became a reasonable time to arise, around 8am-ish.

Fast forward to 9am, I explained to Aaron the situation to get his contribution which was The Nightmare Before Christmas, to be viewed at Halloween, and How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas plus It's A Wonderful Life for well...Christmas. I explained to David the situation to get his contribution and he offered his favorite from his kidhood, Laurel & Hardy's The March of the Wooden Soldiers.
By 9:30am they were all ordered and by 10am confirmed by amazon. It's almost too easy and yet, I feel strangely satisfied by this whole process. Come up with an idea, run it by mi familia for their input, and a couple of hours late, it's a fait accompli!! Cool :)


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