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So, while it all may come to naught...

no title...I've gone ahead & imported my Livejournal to Dreamwidth which can be found here.
They say that you all have came with me. One can only hope. I know though that Livejournal, until it proves it shouldn't be, will remain my main place-to-be. Too much good has come from this place.

Still, if you are so inclined to import your LJ to DW, and why not, go here, create an account first, I went with the 6-month non-premium plan, & import away. It took them around ten minutes to import me & naturally, I had clicked that I wanted everything imported that could be imported. All they left behind was two little icon. Don't know why but, I can live with that. Well, that & my scrapbook which I use often, and they can't import YouTube vids :(

And I must say that Livejournal is such a much more nicely designed site. I worked my way around DW but it felt kind of clumsy. Once I found the journal styles though, I felt happier.

Is there a way though to connect both journals so when posting to LJ, it automatically updates to DW?

Hopefully all will be well here but better safe than sorry, right?

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