gaeln (gaeln) wrote,

Getting out and about

Just like we always spend Thanksgiving Day morning watching
And then spend the afternoon watching

we also always spend New Year's morning watching the
before spending the first weekend in January at the
checking out the old, like this Car-of-the-Future from the 1960s
the fast, like this lovely Mazda
and finally, the sleek, like this I-don't-even-know what

In closing, I leave you with a pic taken in haste of our downtown at night with David, in the left bottom corner with Aaron not visible next to him, contemplating when the light might change because just across Santa Clara Street, with all the cars going vroom vroom, on San Pedro Square is the Cajun restaurant where we wish to dine. Actually, The Spaghetti Factory was our first choice but there was a two hour wait so, that really was a no-go.

Tags: mi familia, san jose
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