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Belated Christmas Post

Late in December, we took a little drivey-drive up to The City and after dining at
Tommy's Joint, we arrived at our final destination, Union Square, a shopaholic's dream which, while lovely year-round is even lovelier at Christmas-time. Below are a few of the photos I took as we wondered relatively aimlessly amongst the many shoppers.
Down the up staircase at William Sonoma which is, in this case, four or five stories, I forget, of terrific kitchen stuff.
A photo of the Neiman Marcus Christmas tree taken up toward their entryway's glass dome.
Taken down towards Macy's escalators which number five in this photo.

And, as I always seem to do when we go there & I post about it, I include a photo of the St. Francis Hotel which is where David & were married :)



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Jan. 18th, 2017 07:25 pm (UTC)
Great photos - I love the Christmas tree against the glass dome and the escalators! We have a Union Square in our town too, but it's a typical square around the Union monument, in our case the union of the first two Romanian principates (out of the final three) that had their border and customs in our town. Now it still has Christmas lights around the monument and the temporary ice skate ring going. http://jurnalul.ro/webcam/focsani-piata-unirii-331.html
Jan. 21st, 2017 04:58 am (UTC)
Thank you!! I enjoy taking photos from weird angles.
Looks like a very nice square based on something historical,not just on shopping as San Francisco's now does. Although thereis history there :) I bet the skating rink is fun. Do you skate? Here in San Jose, we have a temporary rink but it only lasts until December 31.
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