gaeln (gaeln) wrote,

Baked Goods

I am NOT a baker, I'm only just barely a cook. Still, Aaron and I have decided to become bakers in 2017. Or, at least, for 2017 :) Consequently, I hope, periodically, to post photos of our attempts, our successful attempts like the eggnogg bread, recipe from me, and the corn muffins, recipe from Alex ashmedai, pictured below. We also tried a couple of baked goods that went bad so, no photos of those and Indian Spice muffins that came out great but that I forgot to photograph :(
          My hope is to try a couple of different recipes per month, breads, muffins, cookies, focusing on the seasons.

I know that to most of you this is No Big Deal, a part of everyday life but for me, for us, it really is.

Tags: baking, mi familia
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