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For the past few years, I have done my mission101s quietly, behind the scenes as it were, having declared my intention to Update periodically and then, not following through.
          I am now, once again, declaring my intention. Let us see how I follow through.

Shared-ideas.jpg TASKS 64 through 67_Organize SOCIAL MEDIA: the idea here being that if I have it, I should use it in some practical way that benefits my life not just wastes my time. Otherwise, I should just leave it behind.
         I include email here only from an orgazational POV. Leaving it behind is not an option :)

Everything feels so tidy!!!

65_Organize Tumblr_my fun child

Tumblr is my fun place, my mindless, for the most part, place, easy in-easy out so the main thing here was to clean up my feed, removing those who are no longer relevant and, toward the future, adding those who will be, a WIP. I want tumblr to be informative but not heavy and probably focused mainly on art & fun-facts science, happy gifs, Did You Knows, and so on. Easy :)

66_Organize Livejournal_my problem child

Currently I'm having a nearly one-way conversation, so I went through my Friends-List removing almost all of those who hadn't posted in over a year & some of those I comment to but who never comment to me. Two-way street, people. Didn't leave many so in doing this I realized I need a different kind of f-list, one less focused on the etherealness of fandom. Although the friends I've garned through fandom, I love, I need more friends focused on lifestyle which a few of my famdon friends have become.
          I also cleaned up my Scrapebook, which is actually pretty fun, scanning through ALL the photos I've posted over my years on Livejournal. And finally, I updated my Profile to better reflect my new focus so, I'll see how it goes. Oh and user icons. So many parts!

67_Organize Email_my where-everything-funnels-through child

I lightened the load by about 800 no-longer-needed emails some, since I am something of a hoarder when it comes to messages from friends, dating back to 2009.

64_Organize Twitter_my socio-political child

My twitter feed was also heavily skewed toward a fandom-focus. Instead, I've made into my socio-political place-to-go, deleting many lovely people I not longer feel an affinity with, following some senators, one an actual Republican (Mitch McConnell) so I can bitch bitch bitch, a few congressmen, and orgs that fit my mood, suit my attitude, support my world-view. Oh and journalists like Dan Rather.
As an unnecessary aside, I've joined Facebook but only with an extremely limited focus, three friends so far, who I love but who live far far away so I never get to see them. As we grow older I would like to refind them on a more daily basis :)

A happy happy sigh


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