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Oh yeah!!!
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As per the Daily Kos & The Hill

ACLU Receives $19M In Donations, And 150,000 New Members, Since Saturday!
We've been members for years so we aren't part of 150,000 new members but I did donate yesterday so we are a part of the $10M. If you aren't either, you might want to consider donating or, even better, joining because it is these people, these lawyers who are going to protect true America values from Not-My-President Trump's sick form of racism, religious intolerance, and sexism.and help prove to the world who we really are, not blind-followers but decent human beings who care about diversity, refugees, and civil rights. IMO


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Apparently I'm a member now, lol. I just thought I was giving them a donation—I mean, I'm not even American–but sure, I'll be a member. Glad to be a part of it.

My partner joined yesterday and we're in the uk.

Welcome!! They need everyone.

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This is how we are going to make our voices heard in a country that wants them silenced. Rock on, ACLU!

Rock on you too!! You are absolutely right!

I read about this and how folks like Rosie O'Donnell matched donations. I had never thought of joining before but Trump has changed my thinking about a lot of things... and not in a way that he would like. Hugs, Grammy

They are a good organization to be a part of :) I've been a member for a couple of decades anyway. Hope you will consider doing so.

I became a member right after the election -- and I feel great about that decision. \o/

And I feel great that you feel great! They have been fighting the good fight for a very long time.

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