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As one or two of you may recall...

...a couple of weeks ago, David took us on a secret journey,
a sweet little alone-time-20th Anniversary journey for four days to
We went North.

And I've decided, for the sake of actually getting this thing done, to do a two-parter post.
This would be the first part of those two parts 'cause I'm just organized that way.

So behind the cut is one little story that at least gets us to Seattle

two little pictures taken of us while we were there by people conveniently located at the beginning,
and at the end, of each new adventure.
Whether we went underground to see 'Underground Seattle' or took to the water on a harbor cruise,
there they were, taking our pictures and then selling them to sweet.

I'm sure I've said I'd never post pics of us


One Little Story:
At the airport

Counter check-in lady -- 'Know what? you guys aren't seated together.
Me -- What? We have to be seated together, it's our 20th anniversary, we HAVE to be seated together.
CC-IL: -- Let me see what I can do. (type type do this do that) Okay I've got you together, your seat nos. are...
Me - !!YAY!!!
We mess around the airport for an hour BUT when it was time to board
our original counter check-in lady (CC-IL) was there, at the boarding gate,
which was...unusual --
Alaska Air is not that small an airline --
and she was beckoning us over to her...all happy happy.
We approached her...all cautious cautious.

they upgraded us to

we've have never flown first class seriously.
We got to sit in front of the curtain
spent some time recalling lines from that Seinfeld episode when he got first class
and Elaine was in coach.
We felt for Elaine when watching the show,
but NOW
we just laughed...classless society yeah right.

We had our very own steward, all dressed in black...all in black. I was in love.
We ate off of china WITH silverware,
we drank coffee from mugs that were REFILLED whenever necessary,
we ate scones with REAL fruit.
I never wanted to get off the FREAKIN' plane.
But I did.
We had to transfer to a prop job, a little commuter plane
where we practically had to sit on each other.
David was like, ' quickly the mighty have fallen.'
I couldn't help but agree but at least -- we'll always have San Jose to Portland.

The two pics as promised

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
us doing a harbor cruise

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
us doing "Underground Seattle" the very same day

The next part of this, my two-parter post, will be one other little story but otherwise, mostly just pics I took while there...obviously. (alright..if you insist....I'll throw-in a couple of David's 'cause I'm just generous that way) I may have a few other words to offer up but I promise, I will not ramble on.
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