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Coming, hopefully, to a town near you!

It seems like ever since we moved here, but probably not, around this time of year, large, pointy white tents sprout up right off our 85 freewy at the Taylor Street Bridge singnaling the yearly arrival of the circus!!!
The tents as seen from ground level.

Terrific advertising because every year at least once during a drive-by, David has said, 'Ya know, we should do that some day'. And every year I conveniently forget because I'm imagining major traffic problems getting out, if not in, and I don't want to deal. But this year, feeling benevolent, I gather-up the required information, and after asking for and recieving my fam's go-ahead, I bought tickets for Cirque du Soleil's Luzia.
          And am I glad I did!! Below a pic of the gift store with happy souvenir-shoppers.

Of the show itself, it is a joyful celebration of Mexico. I compelled myself not to live through the camera. I did take a couple though :) Gotta prove I was there, am I right? Below, as the tent fills up,

The narrative, of a hard-luck guy who finds his way, takes place at a beach resort in 1930s Mexico with a muscle man, a juggler, a contortionist, bathing beauties, and tropical 'birds', all underscored by gorgeous music, and much dancing and singing.

Monarch butterfly, who migrate from Canada to Mexico yearly, with silver horse. Two 'animals' were used, this silver horse and a lioness.
This tubular structure, raised and lowered from the ring in the ceiling, changed the shape and feel of the stage throughout the show. This lowered red version is intermission.

In one the lioness is seen, made to move by a man, and in the other, the acrobatist is skimming the pond. It was so hard to take photos because everything is moving constantly including the lighting. And because I kept getting so enthralled, I'd forget :)
So, these photos below are NOT mine. I snagged them from google images.

The waterfall which, not unreasonable, fills the acrobatist's pond above.
          A really nice of of the lovely acrobatist.

And one final photo, also with waterfall because I loved the waterfall and I'm so glad others were able to get a decent photo of it. The two women spun and spun in their hoops making something you know is very difficult look so fluid and beautiful.

Attend if you can especially if you, like us, had never seen a Cirque du Soleil production before.




Feb. 14th, 2017 12:54 am (UTC)
I'm glad B&B shut down because of their use (and apparently also mistreatment) of animals. We have a circus called "Krone" that tours Germany, that's the only name that comes to mind. More and more cities and states in Germany are forbidding the use of animals in circuses and there's a lot of pressure on the government to outlaw it completely, so I think the heyday of circuses is over here. One that doesn't use animals and is just as spectacular as Cirque de Soleil (albeit without a lot of the glitz and glamour) is called "Flic Flac". I did go to one of their shows because a friend of mine then worked on the set/stage/whatever it's called, and it was just fantastic. But yeah, sensory overload sucks and is very stressful; it took me about a week to decompress from that. Glad I got to see it, though. :)
Feb. 15th, 2017 04:22 am (UTC)
I watched a couple of youtube vid trailers for Flic Flac and it does look quite a bit like Cirque, a bit grittier but the talents in one would work well in the other. Except maybe the motorcycle guys!! And I totally agree, animals have no place in circuses and I'm glad that the time when that was normal is ending.

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