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Oh how I long for the day
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This is the finished version of The New York Times puzzle I mentioned a while back, the front page of President Obama's second inaguration, that I purchased fro Aaron for Christmas. Because it was special-made it did take a while to arrive to us. Aaron and I put it together but most Aaron did :) Gotta lay praise where praise belongs. And it hurts, looking at this family, knowing what this man's presidency will bring and then remembering, realizing where we are now. Polar opposites, from class to crass. This too shall pass, right?


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Wow, I've never had the patience for puzzles - well done! :)

I can't stop thinking of Obama as president. My mind just refuses to wrap itself around Trump's presidency.

Aaron has stunning patience with puzzles, much more so than me, doing them tires my eyes out, but then, we've been doing them since he was a wee one so, patience is built-in, I guess.

Me too :(

I love puzzles! Looks awesome.

Me too! Aaron too! We, meaning he mostly, has another going on as we speak :) Pic to come!

This is brillaint - well done.

Thank you!! Puzzles are so much fun.

Hang in there, Gaeln. With every passing day the fool buries himself even more with his words and deeds, and slowly but surely turns even some of his supporters against him. At the rate he is going he is closer to impeachment than any previous President in history. One can only hope! I feel your pain. Hugs, Grammy

P. S. Love your 'class to crass' remark. How true, how true!

Everything you say I agree with and hope for too. Although Pence as President, even if he actually does take the job seriously, does little to inspire confidence, especially with his stance on LGBT rights.

Hugs to you too!!

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