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Us getting organized
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So, in an effort, which really hasn't settled in yet, to get organized, Aaron and I decided to add more form and thus function, to our day. He's not taking classes this semester, I asked him not to and instead help me a couple of BIG projects of mine, which could be a recipe for disaster or at least for extreme laziness. So, starting with notes jotted down on paper to sticky notes on poster board to, finally, everything entered on Google Calendars, which automatically updated my cell thank you very much, we think we are on the right track.
          Well, I use Google Calendar while Aaron uses VieMinder.

 Isn't my week stunningly symetrical??

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Wow, that's pretty busy. It reminds me of when I was in school and working full time. Still don't know where I got the energy or strength. Good Luck!

Well, it would be busy if we really kept to it but we have been slipping and sliding a bit here and there. Takes time to adjust :)

Yeah school and working. It was a different time. A time when we were young and so had more energy and strength.

A time when we were young and so had more energy and strength*

Amen to that!

It's so symetrical I can't stop staring at it :)
I've struggled the last couple of years to be as organized as I want to be. But at the beginning of this year I decided to really give it a try and so far it's working out pretty much exactly how I want it to. Best feeling ever!

It is a struggle mainly, I think, in learning how you work best. Sounds like you've now done that so, YAY!! And YAY! for us too :)

Or you can always do like this old girl... make no plans and just take it one day at a time, hoping you don't forget anything. LOL! Really, I'm proud of your organizational skills. That alone is a job. Hugs, Grammy

I'm glad you're proud :) Thank you!

As a rabid list maker/organizer, I like that! :)

Thought you might :) I so like organizing stuff too!

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