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I can’t believe Trump called Obama “sick.” That’s like Stalin accusing Mother Teresa of crimes against humanity.
          -John Leguizamo

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That Trump makes me violently sick - even looking at him , let alone the inane and crass garbage that comes out of his mouth.

Folks like Trump always tend to reflect their own failings and faults onto others. It is so much easier than looking into a mirror and seeing themselves as they truly are. So anytime I hear him say something negative about someone else, I can't help thinking... there he goes again, avoiding that mirror. I would feel nothing but pity for the man if he wasn't in such a dangerous position for all the rest of us. Comforting hugs, Grammy

Very valid point. What's that called? Projecting? I seem to remember that from college :) And comforting hugs back to you.

Yep. It is called projecting. It's what people who can't bear their own faults do. By making others bear the faults, it helps them avoid their own. Trump is the master of projecting. Hugs, Grammy

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