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Wednesday March 15 Postcard Demonstration
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no title There's a written demonstration taking place on March 15th, this Wednesday, wherein those who feel unfavorably towards the current American administration, particularly its president, are being encouraged to send postcards to the White House, address below, expressing their dissension.
          I have of late posted any number of dissension quotes from notables, mainly Americans but not only, here on Livejournal that I'm going to write on my several postcards. The idea is to flood the White House in a visible way.
More information, only one of many sites, can be found here.

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Happy writing!!!


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What a brilliant idea! Even that self-delusional boob will have trouble denying the physical evidence of his affect on our feeling of security with him occupying the White House. I'm sending my Granddaughter a request right now to pick me up a packet of postcards when she gets off work. Thanks for the address. Warm hugs, Grammy

It is, isn't it? I hope your granddaughter has gotten you your postcards, and maybe a couple for herself too. It was cool because when we went to get ours at the post office, there was an older woman picking up some too and this is just one of those little Hallmark Store post offices. Made me very happy :)

Have fun!!

Right? Got our cards. Write tomorrow. Mail on Wednesday :)

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